Banff Sport Medicine

Orthopaedic Intake Clinic:

This clinic is for patients with recent (acute) orthopaedic injuries that may require an orthopaedic surgery assessment. All referrals are reviewed by the orthopaedic surgeons, and then patients are booked into the intake clinic for an assessment with either an orthopaedic surgeon or a sport medicine physician. Patients attending this clinic may also be assessed by a physiotherapist. Whenever possible, intake clinic patients assessed by a sport medicine physician who also need an orthopaedic surgery consultation will be seen on the same day.


Sport Medicine Clinic:

This clinic is for patients with sport-related injury and illness including acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries, concussions, overuse injuries, acute neck and back injuries and exercise related medical conditions. All referrals will be triaged by the sport medicine physicians. Preliminary investigations (i.e. appropriate x-rays or labs) may be requested prior to an appointment being booked. Referrals from physicians and physiotherapists will be accepted.

Please note that our Osteoarthritis Clinic formally held at the Banff Mineral Springs Hospital will now be managed at our Canmore Clinic by our Sport Medicine Physicians. Our Physicians will refer patients for any necessary allied health assessments.


Please note that these clinics are for residents of the Mountain Parks Region. All other patients needing a referral to Banff Sport Medicine should be referred via a Sport Medicine physician.


Clinic Locations: