Additional COVID-19 Precautions for your Appointment:


ADDITIONAL COVID-19 Information for Surgery:

By accepting your surgery date you agree to the information in the COVID consent form

All patients are asked to self isolate and/or practice physical distancing for 7 days prior to their surgery date. Information on how to self-isolate may be found at

What You Should Know about Covid-19 and Elective Surgery:

  • You can be infected with the coronavirus and not have symptoms of Covid-19.
  • Patients infected with the coronavirus at the time of surgery are at higher risk of developing severe pulmonary complications.
  • These pulmonary complications are much more common in patients over the age of 70, those with one or more medical co-morbidities (such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity and heart and lung disease), and those undergoing major surgery.
  • The vast majority of surgeries performed by the Banff Sport Medicine team are not considered major.
  • Patients infected with the coronavirus who are undergoing a general anesthetic, as compared to regional anesthetic (such as a spinal anesthetic or nerve block), may spread the virus more easily to health care workers in the OR and may be at higher risk of pulmonary complications.
  • Social isolation and wearing masks are effective in limiting the spread of the coronavirus that causes Covid-19.
  • Currently, asymptomatic testing for Covid-19 in Alberta is only offered by private companies.

What You Can Do to Limit the Risk of Covid-19 Complications after Elective Surgery During the Pandemic:

  • Self-Isolate for 7 days prior to, and 7 days after your surgery, regardless if you have had the vaccine.
  • If unable to self-isolate, wear a mask, wash your hands frequently and maintain a 2 metre distance from people outside your social bubble.
  • Notify our office pre-operatively if you have developed Covid-like symptoms or have been a close contact with someone who has Covid-like symptoms or have recently returned from international travel.
  • Consider getting a private Covid-19 test if you are older than 60, especially if you have medical co-morbidities and are undergoing a larger operation such as knee multiligament reconstruction or tibial and femoral osteotomy.

Where Can You Access Private Covid-19 Testing:

The Banff Sport Medicine Team