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Pelvic health physiotherapy

Pelvic health physiotherapy is a specialized branch of physiotherapy focused on the internal and external assessment and treatment of the pelvic floor muscles.

When these muscles are either too tight or too weak, this causes something called pelvic floor dysfunction, which can make functions of everyday life extremely difficult.

Seeing a pelvic floor physiotherapist or someone that specializes in pelvic health can help diagnose and treat symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction.

Appointment Information

What our Pelvic Health Physiotherapist treats

Our certified pelvic health physiotherapist, Aly, can treat a variety of problems related to pelvic floor dysfunction due to the pelvic floor muscles being either too tight or too weak. Some of the most common problems, however, include:

  • Urinary problems such as painful or incomplete urination, stress incontinence or “leaking” during or after an activity or from coughing or sneezing, and urinary frequency and urgency
  • Constipation, straining, or painful bowel movements
  • Sexual dysfunction where sex is painful (dyspareunia)
  • Vaginismus – where insertion of a tampon or medial device etc causes the muscles to spasm or contract, causing discomfort and sometimes pain
  • Prolapse of the pelvic organs or the feelings of “heaviness” or “bulging”

What to expect during an initial session

When you come to see Aly, she will listen to your concerns and ask you several questions about your general health and lifestyle to help understand what may be contributing to your wanting to obtain a pelvic floor health assessment.

Assessments may include a physical assessment of the bones and muscles in your lower back, hips and core, as well as an internal assessment of your pelvic floor muscles.

We use a private treatment room and your consent is obtained for each technique on your day of treatment, so that if you are uncomfortable with any component of the assessment or treatment, they can be omitted.

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