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Our Banff Sport Medicine physiotherapy and allied health team in Canmore provides expert and individualized care using a holistic approach.

Jacob Carter, Registered Physiotherapist

Jacob Carter, Registered Physiotherapist

MScPT, BKin, CSCS, IMS, Cert. Manual Therapist ~ Allied Health Manager

Jacob is a manual physiotherapist who works with Olympic, professional and recreational athletes, as well as people of all ages and backgrounds from the general public.

He is passionate about helping his clients not only recover from their injuries, but make strong progression in their sport performance. He does this by blending manual therapy, intramuscular stimulation (IMS), and strength and conditioning strategies.

Jacob is committed to developing his knowledge and skills within the field of physiotherapy.  With six years of university education, over a decade of private practice experience and 25+ post-graduate courses completed to date, he utilizes the latest scientific evidence to diagnose musculoskeletal dysfunctions, and deliver cutting-edge treatment.

Some of Jacob’s advanced areas of training include rehabilitation of tendon pain, foot/ankle pain, as well as concussions.  Jacob is also a board member of the Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute’s Shoulder Clinical Committee.  Through advanced training, Jacob is authorized to order diagnostic imaging. As a result he has the ability to directly refer patients for x-ray, ultrasound and MRI diagnostic services.

Jacob enjoys spending time with his family, rock/ice/alpine climbing, mountain/gravel/road biking, trail running, backcountry skiing and weightlifting.

Ben Lindemulder, Registered Physiotherapist

Ben Lindemulder, Registered Physiotherapist


Ben is grateful for the opportunity to work with a diverse group of clients in the bow valley. He enjoys helping all levels of athletes rehabilitate from their injuries and perform at their maximum potential. Ben will help to determine the cause of your problem and relieve your pain, whether it is an injury you’ve been suffering with for years or a new annoyance.

Ben graduated from the U of A with a Masters in Physical Therapy in 2014. Following graduation, Ben has taken multiple manual therapy courses, enabling him to utilize spinal manipulations in his practice. He then continued his learning by taking introductory and advanced intramuscular stimulation courses. One of the most influential courses for Ben’s practice was an integrated course designed to piece together manual therapy, dry needling, and exercise to create lasting results. Ben also has post graduate training in post-concussion management.

During his university education, Ben played NCAA division 1 hockey in Northern Michigan and was a member of the University of Alberta Golden Bears hockey team. His playing highlights include winning a university national championship and playing in the Edmonton Oilers system for the Bakersfield Condors. He also competed in Red Bull Crashed Ice in Quebec City. After his competitive hockey career was over, he pivoted his focus to the mountains. Ben’s current interests include ski touring, cross country skiing, running, hiking, mountain biking, and weight training.

Aly Walford, Registered Physiotherapist

Aly Walford, Registered Physiotherapist

MScPT, BScRehabSc, IMS

A strong believer in teamwork and an active approach, Aly is excited to work with you to help you navigate through your injury, recovery, and return to activity/performance. She recognizes how injury can affect your identity when you are not able to participate in your usual hobbies or activities. She enjoys educating herself and others to minimize the risk of injury/re-injury with prevention strategies.

Aly completed her Bachelor’s of Science and Master’s of Physical Therapy at McGill University. Since graduating, she has taken courses in manual therapy, biomedical dry needling (IMS), pelvic health (Treating & Training the Female Athlete), and ACL rehab to name a few. Aly is a certified Pelvic Health specialist and treats women 18yrs+ with a number of complaints, such as incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain, diastasis, and return to sport post partum.

A passionate runner and member of the Canadian National Ski Mountaineering Team, you can often find Aly out playing or training in the mountains year round.

Charlie Clarry, Registered Physiotherapist

Charlie Clarry, Registered Physiotherapist


Charlie believes in an active, patient-centred approach utilizing a combination of exercise, education, dry needling, and hands-on techniques. Furthermore, he believes in tailoring a rehabilitative plan to each patient’s unique needs and lifestyle. As an exercise enthusiast, Charlie loves to stay active and strives to help you do the same.

Charlie completed his Masters degree in Physiotherapy from Queen’s University and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from Acadia University. In university, he spent much of his time promoting physical activity in a number of ways including as a student Athletic Therapist, Strength & Conditioning Coach intern, working as a canoe and kayak instructor, organizing events with the Exercise is Medicine Club, working with patients in cardiac rehab, and as the president of the men’s lacrosse team.

Charlie is an avid runner, competing in road and trail races up to ultramarathon distances. He loves to get in the backcountry ski touring, and otherwise keeps active hiking, cross country skiing, and climbing. In the gym, he has experience in personal training, Olympic weightlifting, and powerlifting. In his down time, he loves to cook and bake, and spends lots of time with his dog, Bodhi.

Heather King, Registered Physiotherapist

Heather King, Registered Physiotherapist


Heather started her Physical Therapy career at the University of Toronto after an undergraduate degree at Queen’s University. She earned her diploma in Manual and Manipulative Therapy with Distinction from the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

Heather utilized her advanced Sports Physical Therapy certification to work as part of the host medical team in the Vancouver 2010 and London 2012 Olympics. Heather holds a Menopause Coaching Specialist certification and excels at integrating her clinical, sport and educational experience to partner with you to optimize your performance.

Nicole Tos, Registered Physiotherapist

Nicole Tos, Registered Physiotherapist


Nicole enjoys working with people of all ages and levels of activity to continue doing what they love throughout their lifetime. She recognizes the role sport and activity plays in a person’s lifestyle and how it shapes their community.

With a thorough approach, she strives to understand the complexities of every person’s concerns and help them achieve their sport and activity goals. Nicole works collaboratively with patients and other clinicians to develop personalized treatments for the recovery and prevention of injury, and for the improvement of long-term conditions.

Raised in the Bow Valley, Nicole graduated from the University of Calgary and continued onto the University of Alberta to complete her Master’s in Physical Therapy. She enjoys continuing her learning and has completed a number of courses which include: Functional Range Conditioning, Functional Dry Needling, Soft Tissue Release, and is working through her orthopaedic levels. Through continuous learning and several years of private practice experience, Nicole follows an active and evidence-based approach to treatment.

Outside of work, you can find Nicole enjoying and exploring the outdoors while rock climbing, hiking, biking and backcountry skiing.

Allied Health

Dietetics & Sport Nutrition, Massage Therapy, Strength & Conditioning

Lindsay Haager, Registered Dietitian

Lindsay Haager, Registered Dietitian

BSc, RD, CDE, IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition

Lindsay is a seasoned registered dietitian with over a decade of professional experience. While her expertise spans a broad spectrum of sports nutrition, she holds a special passion for optimizing nutrition in the realms of endurance sports, climbing, injury recovery and skimo racing. She is a firm believer in equipping clients with the tools and knowledge needed to maximize their athletic performance and health through nutrition.

Lindsay happily works with clients 18 years of age and older.

Possessing a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, Lindsay successfully completed her Integrated Dietetic Internship at Acadia University. Lindsay is honored to have been selected and complete the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Sports Nutrition Diploma, instructed by several international leaders of various sports nutrition fields. Her interests and knowledge have been demonstrated by past projects including “iron and the female athlete”, “diabetes management at regular, high-altitude, and extreme high-altitude environments”, “foods available at recreation facilities” and more recently with the IOC course “nutrition for skimo racing”.

In addition to her interest in performance and recovery nutrition, Lindsay has extensive experience in chronic disease nutrition. She has been a certified diabetes educator for over seven years and routinely assists in developing guidelines and educational materials for other chronic disease dietitians. She has worked extensively with diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, obesity, chronic kidney disease and cancer.

Her personal history also demonstrates a passion for athletics. Her resume includes varsity soccer, a variety of team sports, weightlifting, long-distance running, rock and ice climbing, skiing of all varieties, and canyoneering.

Marcie Frewin, Registered Massage Therapist

Marcie Frewin, Registered Massage Therapist

Marcie’s strengths fall in post surgical rehabilitation/scar tissue massage, post injury recovery, therapeutic and deep tissue massage, trigger point release, and TMJ (jaw) dysfunction.

She is also highly experienced in treating motor vehicle accidents, whiplash, and post-concussion symptoms. Having recovered from her own motor vehicle accidents, she knows firsthand how effective massage therapy can be for healing the body and mind after an accident or injury.

Marcie is very passionate about supporting all of her patients through the entire healing process and their own individual wellness journey.

Marcie enjoys a wide range of activities and thrives on a strong balance between creativity and physical activity. Music, wellness and sports have long been a major part of her life. She has been a member of many different competitive extracurricular activities including hockey, soccer and even music and band. Marcie competed Provincially at the Ontario Music Festivals Association (OMFA) and Nationally at MusicFest Canada for many years, playing the piano and the saxophone.

Neil Fox, Kinesiologist

Neil Fox, Kinesiologist


As a Kinesiologist and Certified Personal Trainer, Neil Fox has been profoundly impacting countless individuals’ lives for the past 27 years. Neil’s dedication to his craft extends beyond his journey. Having earned a Bachelor of Kinesiology with a minor in psychology from McMaster University in 1997, he deeply understands the intricate connection between physical and mental well-being.

After graduating, Neil practiced as a Kinesiologist in an Ontario clinic before moving to the mountains. Neil has worked with athletes of all disciplines competing on the world stage, from cross-country skiing and downhill skiing to snowboarding, swimming, climbing, and running.

In 2002, after a mountain bike accident that rendered him quadriplegic, Neil faced unimaginable challenges. Yet, one year later, fueled by an unyielding determination, he recovered, resumed training for downhill mountain bike racing, and raced at the pro level. However, his journey didn’t come without setbacks. Neil experienced a herniated disc in his lower back, leading to excruciating pain and a significant hurdle in his path to recovery. His commitment to learning from his mistakes, training smart, and growing every day has become the foundation of his philosophy.

His commitment to changing lives as a kinesiologist has not gone unnoticed. Neil recently received the prestigious Canadian Personal Trainers Network Award of Merit for his outstanding contributions to the fitness industry.

Neil enjoys quality time with his 9-year-old son, indulging in their favorite pastimes of shinny, soccer, snowboarding, biking and creating art together.

Jake Watson, Kinesiologist

Jake Watson, Kinesiologist


Jake is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist and High Performance Specialist who has experience working with professional, recreational, and youth athletes in exercise rehabilitation and performance.

His passion lies in returning clients back to, and beyond, previous levels of performance so they can keep pushing the boundaries in their chosen sports and activities. His also has in-depth understanding and additional training in ACL rehabilitation and the journey to a successful return to peak performance.

Originally hailing from Perth, Australia, Jake’s love for mountain life led him to the Canadian Rockies. As an athlete he played soccer at a semi-professional level, but now has an enthusiasm and passion for various sports, including mountain biking, snowboarding, trail running, cross-country skiing (very average), and beer league hockey.

After arriving in Canada, Jake served for several years on the board of directors for the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance until 2018. This experience has enriched his understanding of the field, and allowed him to contribute significantly to the advancement of kinesiology and sports rehabilitation in Canada.

Jake’s dedication to keeping the spirit of mountain pursuits alive is evident in his work.

Chelsea Mackenzie, Kinesiologist

Chelsea Mackenzie, Kinesiologist


Chelsea Mackenzie (Deschamps) has over 13 years experience working with people in the strength and conditioning industry. Her education includes a Master’s degree in Kinesiology (MKin) from the University of Calgary and she is a Certified Exercise Physiologist (CSEP-CEP).

Having worked with folks from Olympic athletes to those recovering from injury, Chelsea is passionate about finding the creative edge in connecting with each individual and has a sharp eye for movement quality.

Chelsea has previously been a luge athlete, rower, and soccer player. These days she enjoys trail running, downhill and nordic skiing, fly fishing, baking, and a good dog walk in the forest.

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