Physiotherapy Service

Running Gait Assessment

A running gait assessment is an evaluation of your running technique. It involves analyzing your form, posture, stride, and foot placement to identify any inefficiencies or imbalances that may be contributing to pain or injury.

Our trained physiotherapists will observe you as you run on the treadmill and use specialized software to provide feedback on how to improve your technique.

How can a running gait assessment be helpful?

Injury Prevention

By identifying any inefficiencies or imbalances in your running technique, our physiotherapist can suggest exercises or stretches to strengthen the muscles that may be contributing to pain or injury. For example, if you have weak glutes, the physiotherapist may recommend exercises to strengthen these muscles, which can help prevent knee or hip pain.

Improvements to Performance

By optimizing your technique, you can run more efficiently and with less effort. This can lead to faster times and greater endurance. For example, if you tend to over stride, our physiotherapist may recommend shortening your stride, which can reduce the impact on your joints and improve your running economy.

New to Running or Returning from Injury

By starting with proper technique, you can avoid developing bad habits or compensating for weaknesses, which can lead to injury down the road.

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