Physiotherapy Check-Ups

Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, is often associated with injury recovery or pain management.

While it plays an essential role in these areas, it’s important to know that physiotherapy extends far beyond treating ailments.

Physiotherapy also offers a range of benefits that can have a significant impact on a person’s overall health and quality of life.

Seeing your physiotherapist when you’re not injured or in pain and getting a “check-up”, should also be part of looking after your health and wellbeing, much like seeing your dentist or family physician for an annual exam.

During a “check-up”, your physiotherapist can perform screening tests for general health, posture, strength (general and sport/activity-specific), endurance, flexibility, balance, and gait to:

physiotherapy and exercise equipmment

  • Identify movement errors/weaknesses that by correcting, can improve activities of daily living and your overall quality of life
  • Identify errors/weaknesses in your training or movement patterns and suggest modifications to your exercise program before injury occurs
  • Review your current exercise program and help you refine it to better align with your goals
  • Identify specific areas of pain, discomfort, or strain
  • Help reduce your risk of falls (particularly for older individuals) through balance and coordination improvement

Incorporating these types of “check-ups” at least on an annual basis is a cost-effective and proactive approach to managing your long-term health and enhancing your quality of life.